- Prevent and relieve suffering wherever you are.

- Protect life and health and guarantee respect for the human being.

- Work for disease prevention, health promotion and social welfare.

- Act as a channel to collect money and goods donated by the general public for the sick and those who suffer.



Mike is a proud husband and father who takes immense pride in his family. They lead an active lifestyle that includes his daughter’s participation in competitive cheerleading and his son’s playing on his school football team.

Mike considers the ability to help his children enjoys these pursuits as well as the fact that his children enjoy good health and fitness as blessing he is truly thankful for. He also recognizes that many other families are not so blessed and sometimes need a helping hand.

Over the many years that has been famously organizing vacations (he was even featured once in a promotional video by Airbnb) Mike has also been quietly helping less fortunate families whose children need to come to South Florida for treatment at one of the regions world class medical facilities.

This is not a service that Mike promotes but one that is provided completely on a service basis. He has always maintained that he has no interest in glory or recognition or ego. To him, it is service that he knows he would greatly appreciate if one of his children needed help and he was experiencing a challenging time financially.

That is the reason that he tries his best to help when he receives a call from a local health professional or facility that is treating a child in need. They know who he is and that he cares. That’s enough!